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    Affordable Luxury China Built Yachts
    30 Foot Compass
    40 Foot Nautical
    50 Foot Navigator
    70 Foot Explorer
    100 Foot Sea Princess
    Why settle for a Cruiser?
    Own a high quality luxury yacht for about the same price!
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    Traditional Hand-lay process and Spray Technology
    Manufacturing of hull-frame
    Specializes in Yacht Manufacturing
    Use the system of rapid low-shrinkage mold resin
    which has little or no shrinkage in the process of formation.
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    Computer design program of three-dimensional CAD system
    Accurate Dimensions
    The Drawings of Hull, Deck and Internal Fittings to Achieve Accurate Data.


Trimax Corporation (TMXN) is a development stage company. We are the parent company of Trimax Yachts. We are quoted as an OTCQB qualified company on www.otcmarkets.com Our quote and security details can be seen by visiting this link. http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/TMXN/quote to learn more about the yachts and watercrafts being made available by Trimax please visit www.trimaxyachts.com

The following changes and developments are taking place at TMXN and work on all of these aforementioned points is well under way and some near completion.

  • Updated financials are being compiled and will be filed shortly which by all accounts should upgrade TMXN stop rank to current.
  • TMXN has secured sufficient resources to execute the Yacht business plan. See filings on OTC Markets
  • TMXN has successfully negotiated with a China manufacturer to assemble luxury yachts under the Trimax brand and an exclusive distribution rights for USA Europe and Canada.
  • Logistical issues are currently being finalized with a sales and support call centre in Eastern Europe and a technical and IT support in India
  • New management will be appointed (CEO CFO COO) to spearhead USA and European sales. TMXN is in negotiations with a Spanish based CEO with over 30 years in marine industry. Also a CFO with over 25 years in watercraft experience and a boating dealership owner / operator is being considered as the COO. Michael Arnkvarn will remain with the Company in a capacity of manager Canadian operations.
  • TMXN management has secured a Spain location (Near Valencia) as the EU representative office and is in talks with a Florida and a New York consultant / sales agent to represent the USA presence.
  • Michael serves as a CEO with Sipp Industries, Inc. and has extensive knowledge and contacts in mass distribution networks and will be instrumental in the launch of the TMXN product lines and Canadian operations.

In summary these are exclusive luxury yachts being assembled in China by a manufacturer with over 300 employees and a $30 million dollar facility. Trimax Yachts will be offered in the USA CANADA and EU marketplace under the brand name Trimax Yachts. TMXN plans to offer 30 to 100 foot yachts under following brand names

  • 30 Compass
  • 40 Nautical
  • 50 Navigator
  • 70 Explorer
  • 100 Sea Princess

TMXN management has made an executive decision not to conduct any sort of a reverse split on the current share structure, as it is confidant the market will realize the value of TMXN and reflect its valuation more accurately as Trimax Yachts unveils its plans further and the roll out commences.

Trimax Yachts offers Kevlar coated options to prolong the lifespan of your yacht investment.
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