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    Affordable Luxury China Built Yachts
    30 Foot Compass
    40 Foot Nautical
    50 Foot Navigator
    70 Foot Explorer
    100 Foot Sea Princess
    Why settle for a Cruiser?
    Own a high quality luxury yacht for about the same price!
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    Traditional Hand-lay process and Spray Technology
    Manufacturing of hull-frame
    Specializes in Yacht Manufacturing
    Use the system of rapid low-shrinkage mold resin
    which has little or no shrinkage in the process of formation.
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    Computer design program of three-dimensional CAD system
    Accurate Dimensions
    The Drawings of Hull, Deck and Internal Fittings to Achieve Accurate Data.


Trimax is a development stage company. WE ARE are exclusive luxury yacht distributor. Our yachts are assembled in China by a manufacturer with over 300 employees and a $30 million dollar facility. Trimax Yachts will be offered in the USA CANADA and EU marketplace under the brand name Trimax Yachts. TMXN plans to offer 30 to 100 foot yachts under following brand names.

  • 30 Compass
  • 40 Nautical
  • 50 Navigator
  • 70 Explorer
  • 100 Sea Princess

Trimax Yachts offers Kevlar coated options to prolong the lifespan of your yacht investment.
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